Broadcom Interested in Buying $ 80 billion in Qualcomm

Qualcomm logo
Broadcom semiconductor company is reportedly interested in acquiring Qualcomm. No half-hearted acquisition value offered is said to reach US $ 80 billion. The report makes Qualcomm's shares rise by 15 percent, while Broadcom shares rose 3 percent.
Broadcom is currently in discussion with its financial advisory team. Broadcom alone has a market valuation of US $ 110 billion, and just announced it will move its headquarters from the United States to Singapore.

Qualcomm itself is a company that has been diligent in developing chipsets for mobile phones. Snapdragon products are one of the most popular SoCs in the market, and so far have the biggest market share.
The acquisition of Qualcomm by Broadcom will certainly change the atmosphere of the semiconductor industry especially for the gadget and smartphone market.

Not only that, the acquisition will also become one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the technology industry.

If done before 2018, this acquisition will make the US technology market re-excited. Because, during the year 2017 there is no record of the acquisition of great value, much different from previous years.