Chatbot It duty spend time Detect Email Scammer

Re: scam
New Zealand cyber security firm, Netsafe, makes a chatbot to face the people behind fraudulent emails or email scammers. Chatbot called Re: Scam will reply to an email that is suspected of being a fraudulent email by making long and verbose replies via a proxy email address.

To take advantage of this chatbot, you simply send the fraudulent email you receive to and chatbot made by Netsafe will try to pass the time of the fraudsters who want to deceive you.

"Re: a scam created to raise awareness of fraudulent emails or scams, and give people a way to fight the swindlers," said Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker.

"The bot will continue to interact with the fraudsters until the fraudsters stop replying.The answers sent by the bots have been made to look reasonable and difficult to detect.

"Chatbot also replied with a different time lag so that he appeared more human.If a cheater reply to email bots, Re: scam will tell you and you can see a summary of the conversation.Since launching Re: scam 3 years ago, we have received dozens thousands of emails from New Zealand and from around the world. "

Martin Cocker said, the concept behind this chatbot is to twist the concept of chatbot, that chatbot should be efficient and can help the user. By making a chatbot that only spends the time of the people who interact with it, Netsafe manages to solve the problem of fraudulent emails.  

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