China Prepares Space Plane for 2020

Chinese aircraft
China does not seem to want to be left behind in terms of space technology. Recently the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC) announced it will launch its inaugural space shuttle by 2020. The space shuttle is said to be a secret project to date, and will become China's flagship transportation for its space program.
The development of space shuttle transport technology is not new. Currently, SpaceX is the technology leader company through the Falcon 9 shuttle rocket.

In the near future, they will also launch its new rocket, the Falcon Heavy which is said to be a means of urtama transportation for exploration on Mars.

However, this new Chinese product is claimed to be different from the SpaceX rocket. CASTC said it did not make a rocket, but a plane.

The aircraft also does not use rockets and flies vertically like the NASA space shuttle. The aircraft will fly off the runway and have the ability to pass through the atmosphere.

If successful this new aircraft will probably be a new milestone for the era of space exploration. China seems to want to launch human as well as cargo into space at a very low cost, and the shuttle could be the right solution.