China wants to make a nuclear power spacecraft by 2040

CASC spacecraft
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is the main contractor in the space program conducted by the Chinese government. This week, CASC released a road map of China's plans to explore space. The road map explains their plans until 2040 and beyond.

The plan began with the development of the Long March rocket line, which has been in use since 1970.

Long March 8, a low-cost rocket, should be ready for use by 2020. It will realize the CASC's plan to set up the commercial space sector by selling its services to other countries.

After that, CASC plans to prepare a spacecraft that can be used more than once in 2025. The aircraft will actually be used for space tourism.

Long March 9 is expected to be ready for its first flight by 2030. The rocket is a heavyweight rocket that will carry loads of up to 100 tons into Earth's orbit. For comparison, SpaceX heavy rockets have a capacity of about 70 tons.

Currently all rockets in China can only be used once. However, CASC plans to make it possible for all Long March lines to be used repeatedly in 2035. The CASC also wants to have an entirely new vehicle by 2040.

China plans to travel extensively many times, so that they can exploit existing resources in space by mining asteroids and creating giant projects such as solar power plants in space.

CASC also mentioned that it plans to build a nuclear power spacecraft by 2040. But no further information has been made about the project.

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