Donald Trump's Twitter account lost 11 minutes

Donald Trump Twitter
The personal Twitter account of the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump was lost a few minutes on Thursday (2/11/2017) at 5:54 am local time. The account with 41.9 million followers was lost for about eleven minutes before finally returning. The last tweet on @realDonaldTrump account before getting a suspend is a video announcing Jerome Powell as the new Federal Reserve chief.

Upon this incident, Twitter via @TwitterGov account immediately clarified. Initially, Twitter stated that the loss of Trump's Twitter account is a human error that Twitter employees do.

After investigating, Twitter gave an additional statement that the loss of Donald Trump's Twitter account due to the fun of his employees on his last day working on Twitter.
They promised to take steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. However, some people actually welcomed the action of former employees of Twitter and call him a hero.

Before any clarification from Twitter, a lot of speculation has sprung up if Trump has disabled his Twitter account himself.

Another speculation that develops is Trump Twitter account has been hacked because it uses Android-based smartphone system that is said to be more vulnerable security.

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