Drive while playing Pokemon Go cause the accident rate increases

Pokemon Go deaths worldwide
Last year, Pokemon Go got very popular. The game brings happiness to the players, but also the victims according to the latest report. The report called Death due to Pokemon Go shows the bad effects of the augmented reality-tech game.

Economists from Purdue University, Mara Faccio and John McConnell examined the accident report that occurred in Tippecanoe County, Indiana in the first 148 days after Pokemon Go was launched in July 2016.

In the area alone there are accidents that killed two people and the total loss due to accidents amounted to approximately US $ 5.2 million to US $ 25.5 million.

Using this figure is estimated total losses due to accidents occurring in the United States amounted to approximately US $ 2-7.3 billion in just a few months.

The accident report shows that in just 148 days, there were 286 more accidents in the Tippecanoe area compared to the same period last year.

Of the 148 accidents, 134 accidents occurred near Pokestop. Because it can be decided that Pokemon Go is the direct cause of the accidents.

In Pokemon Go, you will find Pokestop and gym. In Pokestop you can collect supplies like pokeball. While in the gym you can fight with other players. You should walk around pokestop and gym, but, many people cheat by looking for pokestop by car.

To prevent this Pokémon Go creator makes playing games in a fast moving car more difficult. If you are in a car, fighting in the gym is not something that is easy to do. Even so you can still collect supplies in pokestop.