Dynasty Warriors 9 prepares for Release February 2018

Dynasty Warriors 9
Koei Tecmo finally announced the release date of Dynasty Warriors 9. The hack and slash action game will be present on 13 February 2018. In addition, pre order sessions are also opening soon, and players who book early will get special costumes for the 7 most favorite characters in the Dynasty Warriors series.

Unlike the previous series Dynasty Warriors 9 will use the open world system. That means players will be able to explore mainland China in the era of the three-kingdom war freely.

Open world system that carried Dynasty Warriors 9 times is also said to be different from other games. In addition to allowing players to browse to different places, the characters that players use now can also perform various other actions such as swimming and climbing buildings and climbing to the roof.

This allows for a more flexible movement, unlike its predecessor whose presentation of the battle arena is practically very rigid.

Koei Tecmo's party also said it would present a new combo system. Combo system this time is divided into three types of attacks that is Flow Attack, Reaction Attack, and Trigger Attack.

Koei Tecmo's party in his official blog says the combo system promises a more dynamic gameplay and does not rely on attack patterns like the previous Dynasty Warriors series. Dynasty Warriors 9 will be present for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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