EA May Not Release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' Every Year

Madden NFL 18
Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said that soon it will be time for game publishers to not release popular games like FIFA and Madden NFL every year to keep the content fresh. Instead they can use a subscription system or offer content updates online.
"It's a very easy world for us to distribute games we may no longer need to launch new games every year," Wilson said. "We can model the game as a 365 day service."

If you play EA-made sports games often, you know that the company is releasing new sports games every year.
Sports games like FIFA or Madden latest version usually have a new mode, a few changes to the gameplay and also a list of new players. Changes in the game is usually not enough so that it feels, unfortunately to spend money to buy it.

If what Wilson is saying comes true, that EA adopts a subscription system, you may no longer need to buy FIFA games every year. Instead, you just need to subscribe or download the latest content to keep the game content fresh.

In recent years, the game industry is changing, from physical game sales to online sales ranging from game downloads to in-app purchases.
"The biggest disruption of entertainment media consumption in the last 5 years is the emergence of subscription and streaming systems," Wilson said. "It changes the way we watch television, it changes the way we listen to music, it changes the way I read books."