Facebook can identify users who want to try to kill themselves

Facebook live suicide prevention
In recent years many suicides have uploaded their action on social media. Obviously this makes social media a horrible place so many social media users ask for a quick response from their service providers. Facebook is one of the social media that has been actively responding to the problem. Facebook is reported to be expanding AI technology trials or artificial intelligence that could detect uploads from users who would commit suicide.

Amid the debate over AI threats to humans, Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook upload says that this is a positive form of AI development.

So Facebook AI technology will search for and report uploads of social media users who are indicated to be depressed and likely will commit suicide and display the action directly on social media.

In some cases, the speed of reports received by Facebook from its social media users is delayed in saving suicide life. With this technology the coming help will respond more quickly and save the life of the perpetrator.

Not only uploads in the form of text or photos but in the near future Facebook says that AI technology this time can also analyze every possible video is a suicide.

"Facebook technology will give the first warning to the closest colleague of the owner of the Facebook account that is currently only used in the United States and the response is very good," VP of Product Management Facebook Guy Rosen.

"This technology will soon be applied to our services throughout the hemisphere, in the near future Europe will be the second to feel the positive effects of AI."

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