Firefox Quantum is a special browser for competing with Google Chrome

Firefox Quantum
As promised Mozilla launches Firefox Quantum today. The latest browser from Mozilla is faster with a neater interface than the previous version. However, that does not mean Mozilla does not have its own fear related to the new browser.

Vice President of Product, Firefox, Nick Nguyen expressed his greatest fear: Chrome users are not willing to try it.

"My biggest fear is that people will not try it," he said. "Just like any other version we do this to make people's lives better. If people do not use your product, you do not have a chance to do that."

Nguyen and his team in Firefox have big plans. They want Quantum to beat Google Chrome and become the main browser of Internet users. "Now, people are using Firefox as their second browser," he said.

Firefox Quantum is claimed very quickly. Mozilla does the testing to create some reputable sites. For the video please click the end of the article link, there are some sites that can be opened by Quantum faster than Chrome, including Google Search. However, Chrome is still faster when it opens Google and YouTube. 

In addition, on Windows-based computers, Quantum uses 30 percent lower memory compared to competitors like Chrome and Edge.

That means you can open 30 percent more tabs without having to worry about slowing performance. While on macOS, Quantum only uses a little more memory than Chrome.

Mozilla also made changes to the Quantum interface. Before making this change, they do research on how users use the browser. Mozilla has made a number of small, but significant changes based on their findings.

Therefore, Firefox Quantum will display content from a site first before displaying other logos or graphics. Indeed Nguyen wants a browser that is not only fast but also easy to use.