Firefox will mark sites that have been hacked

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Mozilla just launched Firefox Quantum last week. Now, they are developing new features to make their users more secure. They will warn users when they visit sites that have been hacked. To develop this feature Firefox works with "Have I Been Pwned", a site where you can check if your credentials were ever stolen. Troy Hunt, the security expert behind the site confirmed this cooperation via Twitter.

"Yes, we're doing great things with @mozilla and @haveibeenpwned," Hunt said.

This feature is still in the early development stage. However, you can already download it in Github and install it in Firefox if you want to test it. One thing to keep in mind is that these features can now only be used in the Developer Edition.

Currently, the new features are still very simple. If you visit a site that has ever been hacked in Have I Been Pwned, a notification will appear that says, "You visited a site that was hacked [site name]".

You will not be forbidden to visit the site but this warning will notify the user that the site they visited has been hacked.

Hunt works with Mozilla to code the feature even though he is not sure how this feature works. "Firefox only sees any site ever hacked and we're discussing how to use that data in the future," Hunt said.

While this feature is useful to users of sites that have been hacked may not be happy with this new feature as they will continue to be reminded of their past failures.

But if used correctly, this feature can help consumers to know that it's time they change the password they use.

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