Gap in iOS 11 Prevent User Type Letter I

iOS 11
A number of users have found a new bug in iOS 11, on Apple's cloud-based text prediction system. The bug reportedly prevented iPhone users from typing the letter "I" on their device. The bug causes the user typing the letter "I" on the device to be prefixed with the letter "A", accompanied by a strange unicode character, as typed in the text field.

The unicode character appears as an unidentified character "[?]" And is next to the letter "A", or as five horizontal bars stacked to each other.

The occurrence of unusual unicode is reported differently, according to the application that the user uses as a medium of typing letters. This problem is experienced by a number of iPhone users operating system iOS 10 and iOS 11 and Mac device users.

Basic completion methods such as resetting the user's personalized keyboard dictionary, or by restarting a device called a Reddit user are incapable of fixing the problem. Apple Support staff provide temporary solutions by making changes to Text Replacement settings.

For users experiencing problems due to the bug, can apply the temporary solution by accessing Settings, then look for General, then Keyboard, then Text Replacement, and replace all capital letters "I" with a small "i".

Previously, a number of iPhone X owners claimed to restore the latest flagship smartphone Apple, due to feel disappointed with the functionality and how to use the new features presented by the smartphone.

Disappointment of users is also driven by OLED screens are considered not able to display better performance when compared to LCD panels used by Apple on the iPhone 6s.

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