Germany prepares a train with game consoles and a gym

Traveling by train is one of the most popular transportation options for today's society. In addition to cheaper in terms of price, seating on the train is considered more loose and comfortable than the aircraft with the same class. Unfortunately traveling by train takes a long time. Although passengers can see the sights, watch television, and take a stroll inside the train, still passengers experience a boring trip.

Seeing the problem to be solved while traveling by train, the German railway company Deutsche Bahn plans to create Iddenzug. If it means, this name means an idea train.

Iddenzug itself is a train that carries a futuristic theme. This train will be equipped with game consoles, television, gym, and children's playground to support passenger comfort. Iddenzug's replica is currently being exhibited by Deutsche Bahn in a hall located in Oberursel, Frankfurt.

Train convenience alone is not enough to make it feasible to operate. Because prior to launch, trains must first pass the technical test, especially the security aspect.

For gaming devices there seems to be no problem but sports equipment that will be a concern in the safety of its use.

This idea received a response from the German Transport User Group (Verkehrsclub Deutschland-VCD). Through its representatives VCD stated that the innovation should be done by considering the ecological impact.