Google Can Monitor Waiting Time in Nearly 1 Million Restaurants

Restaurant Waiting Time
Google announced a new feature, allowing the app to display the waiting time that will appear when looking for a restaurant, in the Popular Times section. This feature has supported nearly a million restaurants, although it can only be used by users in the United States. The waiting time is displayed by Google in the form of bar graphs, displaying waiting times based on data collected in the past and current. Click one of the bars, the graph will show the estimated waiting time in that particular selected time period.

Meanwhile, scrolling to the left and right will display a summary of the waiting time in each day. This feature will help users in planning a dinner event better, allowing users to avoid the crowd when ordering a table at a desired restaurant.

Similar to Google's Popular Times and Visit Duration graphs, the supporting data of these features is compiled by Google from various inputs from users who share their experiences at dinner at the restaurant. Not only on this feature data from that information will also be available on Google Maps.

Previously Google announced the provision of the ability to identify songs played around users, through an official update rolling from 6 November United States time. The update scrolls gradually for all Android devices.

Meanwhile, Google also introduced Files Go, a free, claimed Android app designed to help users manage smarter storage, and keep the phone more organized.

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