Google claims to have fixed the Pixel 2 sales program problem

Googel Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL face other problems related to the exchange programs it offers on the Google Store. This program allows users of old devices to get more profit. Under the terms applicable to this program Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL buyers will receive credit for redeeming old model phones that are still working. The amount of credit received depends on the phone model sent by the owner.

Google Pixel XL output of 2016 is at the top of the list, with a 128GB model will be rewarded with an exchange credit of US $ 140.

Unfortunately there was a problem after a number of buyers who participated in the program received smaller credits than the so-called Google.

One buyer who exchanged Pixel XL claimed to get a credit of US $ 400. But the buyer gets a notification that he sent the Nexus 6P, so only received a credit of US $ 165.

Another buyer who sends the phone in excellent condition admits to receiving only a notification indicating the device is not working. Meanwhile other owners who participated in this program received far less credit.

Some owners are calling to get information that the device they are sending clad in an extra chassis, or failing to do the whole reset protection. On November 11, United States time, Google uploaded a message on the Pixel Phone Help site.

The upload mentions that Google has identified and corrected issues relating to received Pixel under non-reset conditions and / or misclassified as other devices. Google also offers assistance to such troubled buyers.

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