Google employees give advice on Pixel Buds cable cut

Google Pixel Buds
Since last month, Google began marketing its products and devices at pop-up stores New York and Los Angeles. Previously, the store only allowed users to try the device before ordering it online.

In addition to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google also markets Pixel Buds in the store. However, one of the Reddit members experienced a unique experience while visiting a store in Manhattan, New York, recently. The member called himself approached by an employee who persuaded him to pre-order Pixel Buds.

The Reddit member told the clerk that he had made an order before visiting Google's pop-up shop. In addition, he also expressed hope Pixel Buds will not have cable in the next generation.

Then the employee described has a flat expression, suggesting it to cut the Pixel Buds cable. After explaining to the representative that Google called not to cut the cable and explain the reason, the employee returned his response.

The employee said to stop telling others about the cable cuts on the Pixel Buds. Consumers are not advised to cut the cable on Pixel Buds, although assessing the cable is disturbing.

In the meantime, Google claims to have resolved issues related to the exchange programs it offers on the Google Store. Google also advises buyers experiencing problems to immediately contact their side to accept the settlement.

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