Google install updates for services on iPhone X

iPhone X
Google is quietly rolling out updates for its Office apps on iOS. This update keeps the app fully compatible with Apple's latest software and tools. The update allows iPhone X users to take advantage of Docs, Slides and Sheets applications. It also means iPhone X users can use all the tools available on the app.

However, no other visual changes are present in the three apps, in addition to support for iPhone X, or at least Google is still reluctant to mention other changes it inserts on updates for this app.

This update presents a number of other features for app users on Apple iPad tablets. These features include the ability to drag and drop various applications, to add content to one of the applications.

Users can drag and drop links, images or sections of text in Google Docs. In addition, Google also mentioned that the update contains a number of bug fixes and performance, so users will be able to enjoy applications with better and smoother experience.

Meanwhile, Google is reportedly continuing to monitor users even though the device GPS system is not enabled, since early 2017. Google claims it is done to support push notification messages that are identical to the advertising services of third-party apps.