Google Serve 'Android Burger' for Employees

Google 'Android Burger'
Google's office in Seattle, USA has a new food menu for its employees, and the menu is called 'Android Burger'. What is that? 

This burger is actually a cheese burger. However, with little difference compared to cheese burger in general, the laying of cheese that is at the bottom of the meat, exactly on the bottom of the bread.

Photos of 'Android burger' was posted to Twitter by a Google employee named Brad Fitzpatrick. He posted the following photo tweet, 'Lunch on Google today: an' Android Burger '.
Yes, this burger looks very similar to the emoji cheese burger on Android which some time ago became controversial on Twitter. Because the laying of cheese in emoji cheese burger is very unusual, which is at the bottom.
"Looks like we should have a discussion about the Google burger emoji cheese that is put on the bottom of the burger, while Apple put it on top," writes Thomas Baekdal who started the debate.

This tweet directly responded by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who claims will soon solve this problem. He also asked the opinion how the right way to solve it.