How to Turn Off Autoplay on Spotify Easily

When the song of the singer or playlist album you are listening to in Spotify ends, Spotify will automatically play a similar song from their Radio feature.

Spotify algorithm is good enough to choose a song you like. However, there are times when you will not listen to songs selected by Spotify. For example when you listen to the song while going to bed. Of course, you do not want Spotify to stay active all night.
How to disable this feature is quite easy.

For mobile devices

1. Tap Your Library on the bottom right
2. Select Settings
3. Scroll down until you find Autoplay
4. Disable the Autoplay feature by sliding the button to the left

While On the computer

1. Click the reversed arrow next to your account name
2. Select the Settings option
3. Scroll down until you find the Autoplay option
4. Scroll left to turn off Autoplay feature