HTC has just announced 26 startups in the AR and VR fields receive investments from their companies

Vive X logo
AR and VR technologies are gaining in popularity but the utilization of these technologies is not yet mature enough. HTC is also focusing on the industry is getting aggressive looking for the best startup in the field of AR and VR. Although so far AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are still more commonly found in entertainment content, many industry players are looking to take advantage of this future technology in various fields.
HTC since July 2016 has funded 80 startups in various worlds that developed AR and VR. The total figure was obtained after yesterday HTC announced 26 startup received investment from HTC.

The investment revenue is part of HTC's startup acceleration program called Vive X, which encourages the search for the best products and talents in AR and VR fields. Not only in the United States, this program has also been deployed in Asia.
"Our focus is on removing the obstacles or challenges found in the AR and VR industries and enhancing the user experience of both technologies.the third time our Vive X program seeks the best talent and team that develops the technology in enterprise, health and education," Vice said. President HTC Vive Mark Metis.

One of the best startups that receive HTC investment is the startup Neurable that creates AR and VR does not require a control device in hand so the operation of the technology is based on commands in the human brain and can be read by AR and VR devices.
Although it can be considered quite aggressive in online shopping event in the United States a few days ago, sales of HTC Vive VR devices are still far behind compared to Sony PlayStation VR devices.