Imgur photo sites reported to have been hacked in 2014 but only know now

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Imgur's photo site is reported to have been hacked in 2014. The severity of the Imgur party claims they just got hack notification on November 23 yesterday. Hacking makes hackers managed to steal data 1.7 million Imgur users, such as email addresses and passwords. Imgur also claimed no personal data was successfully stolen from hacking this time.

When compared with the number of users reaching 150 million registered users, 1.7 million user data is indeed small. But that number is enough to make Imgur image becomes bad.

Imgur's own party is said to be investigating further about this hacking. So far the cause of hacking has been suspected from the use of the already outdated 2014 SHA-256 hashing algorithm system.

"We are very serious in protecting user data," said Chief Operating Officer Imgur Roy Sehgal. "We will also conduct cyber security investigations not only externally but also internally."

Sehgal says his team is now trying hard to find the cause of the hacking for sure. Not only that Seghal and his team must also find out how the hacking can be done and unknown for 3 years.

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