iPhone X apparently not hold cold weather

iPhone X
Some iPhone X users complain that their new phones can not function properly in cold weather. Apple party acknowledged the issue and promised immediate improvement. Some iPhone X buyers complain on social media if the touch screen of the phone becomes unresponsive or inaccurate in cold conditions. This can be a big problem as the cold weather starts to hit the United States.

Apple justifies this issue. "We realize the iPhone X screen for some time is not responsive to touch in a cold environment," said Apple.

"But after a while, the screen will be completely responsive again." This issue will be solved in the upcoming software update, "Apple promised.

iPhone X is the first iPhone to use OLED type display, presenting a more brilliant display. However, this kind of screen is more difficult to produce where Apple entrust it to Samsung.

iPhone X sold from US $ 999 in the US indicated selling well. It was marked by the infiltration of the fanboys in various countries to queue on the day of his first sale.

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