Lenovo and Fujitsu officially built a joint venture

Lenovo and Fujitsu
Not only revenue in the second quarter of fiscal 2017 or 2018, Lenovo also announced the completion of an agreement to merge its companies with Fujitsu and Bank of Japan, through a joint venture called Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL).

"The joint venture will focus on the research, development, design, manufacturing and sales of Client Computing Devices (CCS) in the global market," said Asia Pacific President Ken Wong.

The merger of the company called Wong is aimed at helping Fujitsu to boost scale and competitiveness and growth in its PC business both in Japan and around the world.

However, the merger will not have a significant impact that can be felt by consumers. For, the product will still be distributed and marketed under the name Fujitsu, and without changes in terms of senior management and CEO are still carried by the same person.

Transactions of these three companies, Ken continued, will finish first quarter of 2018. Agreed aggregate received Fujitsu is ¥ 28 billion which includes ¥ 25.5 billion from Lenovo and ¥ 2.5 billion from DBJ.

Meanwhile, the decision to join Fujitsu acknowledged Ken, is driven by Fujitsu's superiority regarding good service and big names.

Through these agreements Lenovo tries to bring help to boost Fujitsu's scalability, which is called a challenge in the development of the Japanese company's business.

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