Microsoft prepares the photo companion app for Android and iOS

Microsoft company
Microsoft continues its focus on software for the Android and iOS platforms, driven by the enormous users of its services on both platforms. Microsoft is reportedly preparing another app after presenting Edge and Launcher on Android and iOS. The new application being prepared by Microsoft for two of the world's most popular mobile operating systems will be referred to as the Photos Companion app. The app will launch on the Android and iOS platforms, but detailed information related to its release is not yet available.

Photos Companion lets users transfer photos directly from phone to PC via Wi-Fi network. However, both devices must use the same Wi-Fi network to allow the transfer process to occur.

The Photos Companion app will be for users who do not want or do not have to access OneDrive, because OneDrive offers similar capabilities. In addition, this application is intended to encourage consumers more often use the Photos feature on the PC.

Previously outstanding video featuring a Surface Pen integration that works on Lumia phones, supporting rumors related to Microsoft's plans to bring the smartphone in Surface line.

However, Microsoft is expected to deny having such plans, especially to have the prototype, although the video has been widely circulated.

Microsoft also rolled out a number of updates one for Microsoft Launcher Android version. The update contains a number of new fixes and features, both old and old requested users.