Microsoft Stop All Free Promotion Windows 10 End of December

Windows 10
When first introduced to the public, Microsoft does make a free Windows 10 in the form of upgrades for users of Windows 7 and 8.1. The program lasted until July 2016, but Microsoft is still doing special extensions for those with Accessibility features.

This time, Microsoft announced a free upgrade period for users with Accessibility features to expire on 31 December.

This means it is really the last chance for you to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 for free.

However, termination of the upgrade this time will not have a big impact for Microsoft and Windows 10. This is because most users who want to upgrade has been doing so since long.

In addition, almost all existing pre-build PCs are already using Windows 10, so there's no reason to use the old operating system. Windows 10 itself is still not yet become the most popular operating system. However, its popularity continues to creep up.

The number of adoptions of Windows 10 currently reaches 29.3 percent, far from the time of 2015 which is only 9 percent.

While the Windows 7 operating system is still the most popular now has an adoption of 46.6 percent or down about 10 percent since 2015.

Adoption of Windows 10 is very fast one of them is because the operating system is constantly updated through the update. Finally, this operating system just got Creators Fall Update 2017 which adds new features.

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