New Version Snapchat glide December 4th?

Snap Inc.'s CEO, Evan Spiegel calls his messaging app, Snapchat, to announce a new design for the Android version. Along with the design of this new version, Snap claims its application will provide an easier usage experience. Unfortunately Spiegel did not reveal the exact launch date for the new design version of Snapchat. However, quoted from some sources mention Snapchat with the new look will be launched on December 4 next.

The source also mentioned that the app still uses the camera, and all communications from friends, including Stories, will be found on the left side of the app's initial page.

On the right side will be featured videos from various sports-based source sources called as Our Stories.

In addition on the right side, there will be video produced by Snapchat partners such as BuzzFeed and CNBC. Meanwhile, scrolling to the right will allow Snapchat users to view videos produced by verified celebrity accounts.

Snapchat will use the algorithm to ensure that the app is able to present content seamlessly to the right side of the camera, containing personalized messages. However, the changes are reported to have a negative impact on the company in the short term.

Meanwhile, Snap is reported to have sold as many as 150 thousand Spectacles spectacles, allowing users to record video using a camera embedded in one of the frame cameras. Snapchat plans to open a temporary shop in London to sell those sunglasses.

The store that will be located in Shpark Boxpark will allow consumers to try glasses and buy it. Spectacles will be offered at a price of GBP130 or equivalent to US $ 171.