Olympus Create Smart Sunglasses Based on Open-Source

EyeTrek Insight EI-10
Olympus camera manufacturer has just released a sunglasses called EyeTrek Insight EI-10 for US $ 1,500. These glasses are sold to the public and support open source. These smart glasses still have a similar design with Google Glasses that once had developed before finally stopped. There is a device attached to the sunglasses side with a rod extending toward the front of the eyeglass layer. In addition there is a microphone stalk that extends to the front.

The device attached to the sunglasses side can display image quality with 640 x400 OLED resolution. There is also a camera attached to the section so it can be used to take photos and video. Later, the video communication embodied with these smart glasses can occur visually in both directions.

For the brains of this device Olympus provides 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, and still running on the Android operating system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.  

Seeing these specifications, meaning that the developers should be able to cram the technology they create to fit in the brain of the device is fairly minimal.

Connectivity provided supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Battery capacity provided for 300 mAh, which is claimed to last up to 30-60 minutes with a removable battery design.

Olympus parties themselves say they are very open to the development of its users. They are also ready to provide the device with some configuration of the design depending on consumer desires. However, Olympus also emphasized that smart glasses will not be developed toward the consumer segment, but rather the needs of enterprise and professionals.

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