Pixel 2 users cannot unlock the Bootloader

Pixel 2
The latest problems are found by Google's flagship smartphone user, Pixel 2. A number of buyer users complain their device comes with a locked bootloader and can not be opened. The problem was first revealed by XDA forums by a number of users, who complained about the device not being able to do what it could have done by default. Because Google is reported to be a bit looser about the bootloader since the presence of Nexus.

Nearly 40 reports are listed on XDA and more than dozens of issue trackers Google has claimed to have such problems. This is reported only in Pixel 2 produced by HTC.

Almost all regular users are reported to have no problem with the locked Pixel 2. Not so with developers and users who need the bootloader not to be locked, to be able to access root and make changes to your device.

Previously a number of Pixel 2 XL units were present without the operating system, while a number of other devices came with flashing screens whenever locked, microphone problems and video LED lights.

The bootloader-related issues add to the series of problems found in the second generation Pixel device that have been largely fixed. Problems related to burning impressions on the device's OLED screen as well as the click-sound noise are still untouched by Google.

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