Pokemon Go Developers Prepare for Harry Potter AR Game

Harry Potter Wizard Unite
Niantic Lab, Pokemon Go game creator is reportedly preparing to launch the latest Augmented Reality (AR) game for mobile devices next year. The latest game will take advantage of the popular franchise Harry Potter. The new mobile game will carry the title of Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, developed with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. They will launch a sub-brand game titled Portkey Games in 2018.

There is not much information currently available related to the latest AR game, only the inspiration related information obtained by Niantic from Ingress, a similar game type AR games are less popular. Harry Potter Game: Wizard Unite, players must collect power-raising points.

In addition, players must also collect points of defense locations and explore new environments, as well as exploring the real world. Niantic is also predicted to implement real-world location into the gameplay experience.

For the Harry Potter game: Wizard Unite will take advantage of the same location database compiled by Ingress and Pokemon Go. Even so until now, also not known how to play the game Harry Potter will be similar to the game Pokemon Go.

The mobile gaming market has been overwhelmed by the developers' work, not many AR games yet. The development of AR games is considered more difficult when compared to non AR games, because it requires a lot of resources and experience, both of which are owned by Niantic Labs.

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