Pokemon Go Niantic creators get invest $ 200 million

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go creators, Niantic managed to get a fresh fund of US $ 200 million. Series B funding is led by Spark Capital and followed by Founders Fund, Meritech, Javelin Venture Capital, You & Mr. Jones, and NetEase, Inc. Spark's partner Megan Quinn will also be part of the Niantic board as part of this agreement.
Niantic is known for its many tech games Augmented Reality (AR). Initially they created a spy-themed multiplayer game in the science fiction world entitled Ingress. The game was made when Niantic was still a startup under Google.

By 2015, Niantic becomes a separate company. They launched Pokemon Go in July last year. Pokemon game with the AR technology successfully attracted a lot of public attention when it was launched.
The result is that many Pokemon Go players are gathered in the real world because of game mechanisms that encourage players to move in the real world to be successful in the game.

In a Series A fundraiser, Niantic earned US $ 30 million from a group of investors, including Alsop Louie Partners, Google, Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Cyan and Scott Banister and other investors.

Prior to this, Niantic had announced its first acquisition, the social networking mobile developer, Evertoon.
In addition, they also announced it would make AR mobile games based on the Harry Potter story. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be launched next year. The game was created with the help of Warner Bros. Interactive.

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