Polaroid demands Fujifilm about the design of photo paper

Fujifilm Instax
Polaroid has recently sued the Fujifilm company regarding the photo paper design used in the Fujifilm Instax camera. As is well known both Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid are both competing in instant camera crush. Polaroid claims that photo paper or instant film with the usual white frame used is their patent.

In a lawsuit filed with the United States District Court in New York a few days ago, Polaroid asked Fujifilm to pay royalties for each of their income from the Fujifilm Instax business. If not Polaroid ask the Fujifilm party to no longer use the photo paper design.

Of course the Fujifilm responded. The Japanese company assumes that Polaroid is trying to make money after years of not producing a good business.

Party Fujifilm own claim that the design is not the same just resemble. So the debate that started since the beginning of this year according to Fujifilm Polaroid just a trick that has long been left behind in the business of camera devices.

As known Polaroid famous through instant camera device. But as the company's technology develops less in demand in developing its business.

The last time Polaroid started to get into the drone business with a device that was not much better than most other drones.