Qualcomm may reject Broadcom's bid plan

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Qualcomm will not agree with the offer of a Broadcom semiconductor company to buy it. And the Qualcomm Board has also been planning to decline Broadcom's offer. Reportedly, although Broadcom offered to acquire Qualcomm for US $ 80 billion, the offer is deemed to degrade Qualcomm's value.

In addition, Qualcomm considers Broadcom not to consider any problems with regulators that may arise as a result of the acquisition. The speakers mentioned, Qualcomm will probably announce their rejection on November 13, the soonest.

Meanwhile, Broadcom seems to have been prepared to face such resistance. They are considering raising the offer.

Broadcom also hopes they can appoint a Qualcomm board member. If the shareholders agree with this offer, they can vote for new board members and force Qualcomm to engage in negotiations.

Neither Qualcomm nor Broadcom has offered comment on this report. However, no wonder if Qualcomm can defend itself and refuse this acquisition.

They know they have some important assets. Their Snapdragon processors are very popular in the smartphone industry and they also have names in the wireless infrastructure industry.

Qualcomm may end up approving this acquisition. However, that does not mean they will immediately agree with the offer. They can get company prices up as high as they were before they were acquired.