Really Facebook Taping Conversations for Advertising?

There is a unique theory that calls Facebook to tap into the user's private conversations via mobile apps after the application is closed. From the conversation, will be scanned some keywords to determine the relevance of ads that appear when the account owner to search on Facebook.

This issue sounds classic but not impossible. There is a fear of smart device users if they are spied on their own devices.

Today, technology has grown so cutting-edge that smart devices can record anything using a microphone and camera, without the user knowing it.

Technically, it does make quite sense, since smart device components allow for that. Security in manufactured products is also still vulnerable to attack or hack. Thus, Facebook's wiretapping debate is no longer focused on the possibility of happening or not, but more about ethics.

Like Google, most of Facebook's profits come from advertising. So Facebook desperately to get public attention. If you note, the appearance of Facebook newsfeed is different now.

Previously, text and photo postings were neatly combined, videos did not play automatically, and so on.

But now, video postings play automatically, the "clickbait" news still often appears in the timeline, and the appearance of love icons instead of like as an option like the post.

This way Facebook is suspected of measuring the preferences of the users in order to determine the right ads to be presented to users.

Regardless of whether or not the theory, smart device users must balance the intelligence of the device and more wisely use the gadget to protect privacy.