Samsung announced that Smart TV owners will soon be able to enjoy Amazon Music

Samsung Smart TV
Recently Samsung rolled out new features on its line of Smart TVs, such as support for YouTube TV. Samsung also announced that Smart TV owners will soon be able to enjoy Amazon Music via the television. The immediate availability of Amazon Music's support makes Samsung's smart television the first third-party device that has the ability to connect with the service.

Samsung calls users to be able to browse libraries, playlists, and access recommendations and stations through the system. The service will also be accessible through other Samsung audio products, such as soundbar and wireless speakers.
The feature may be an attractive alternative for Prime users who own a Samsung TV, but do not have Amazon Echo or Echo Dot in their homes, though they can enjoy broadcasting content from services like Spotify.

Samsung did not explain in detail the functionality of the feature and just mentioned this feature will be available this month. Such functionality can only be enjoyed on the 2015 and later versions of the model output.
Earlier Samsung Electronics said it would create an artificial intelligence research center (AI) and strengthen its executive role in seeking new business for its three major business groups. Small changes related to Samsung's business structure aims to respond to market changes quickly.