Samsung Announces Exynos 9810 Powerful Processor For Galaxy S9

Samsung Exynos 9
South Korean electronics giant officially announced its newest processor named as Exynos 9810. You could say this is the real variant of Exynos series 9. Section in Galaxy Note 8, Samsung had called Exynos 8895 as a series 9. However the first edition of Exynos 9 series processor is still rely on 10nm manufacturing, just like Exynos 8895. Even so its performance is claimed better , while the power problem is more efficient.

With the emergence of Exynos 9810, the issue of its use in the Galaxy S9 and S9 + was sticking out. Speculation circulated that the processor is almost certainly going to be the Galaxy S8's successor brain.

It's just Samsung is said to still be doing improvisation on the side of manufacturing. If Exynos 9810 is now still relying on 10nm manufacturing, then that will be implanted in the Galaxy S9 is believed to have been carrying 8nm manufacturing. Snapdragon 845 is believed to be produced using a lower manufacturing again, which is 7nm.

In addition to promising faster performance and better power efficiency, other advantages Exynos 9810 is also located using the latest technology modem 6CA.

The ability of this modem is able to offer data transfer up to 1.2 Gbps. Make Exynos 9810 processor is ready to anticipate the 5G era.

In comparison, Exynos 8895 in Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with 5CA modem capable of handling 1 Gbps data traffic.

Although not mentioned Exynos 9810, Samsung promising processor technology 6CA modem will be produced late this year 2017. This information at once reinforces the allegation that the Galaxy S9 may indeed be planned to slide faster.

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