Samsung is partnering with WeWork and competing with Apple Services

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iPhone owners who experience an accident and result in device damage can make an appointment in the Genius Bar and find the person who can fix it. It can not be done by Samsung device owners. Recognizing the difficulty associated with this, Samsung reportedly worked with WeWork to bring Apple's own repair center Genius Bar. The idea that carried Samsung consists of two steps.

The first step is to provide a central location that can be accessed by device owners to seek help in fixing Samsung products.

The cooperation of Samsung and WeWork is realized in step two, by providing a place while waiting for the device to be fixed.

VP of Design Samsung, Mick McConnell admitted service to be one thing with a high difficulty level, and takes no time. This is the reason behind the idea of providing a waiting area that allows the device owner to remain productive while waiting.

Theoretically the idea is considered an interesting idea, but in practice, Samsung offers only one tier support at WeWork location for now. Support is in the form of help to use the device, or to send the device to the repair location.

The idea offered by Samsung and WeWork is considered useful, although not an emergency repair service required by the owner of the device that the reason of their arrival to Genius Bar.

Meanwhile recently, Samsung received approval to patent a fingerprint scanner sensor embedded in the device's screen.

However, Samsung's Marketing Manager says this technology is not yet available when the Galaxy S9 is launched. Not only the patent sensor fingerprint scanner, Samsung has also prepared the official design of their folding smartphone which is planned to be released next year. 

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