Skype application is threatened to leave China

Microsoft seems to be inflamed after its Skype video chat service is in danger of being blocked during China. This event starts from the step Apple removes Skype from its app store. Since late October the Skype service can no longer be found on the App Store and Apple recognizes it. The move came after Apple received a reprimand from the Chinese government, the Ministry of Public Security.

The Chinese government calls Skype service unsafe. Predictably this step is a reflection of the title of The Great Firewall pinned for China. A condition of a foreign internet service can not operate in that country.

If the allegations are true Skype will follow several services owned by Google and WhatsApp of Facebook that can not be accessed in China. The Apple party contacted claiming Skype is still available for other countries.

Slightly different from the response from Microsoft. Microsoft said that this condition is only temporary and it will bring back Skype service as soon as possible.

But the scare of the conditions that occur, most likely Skype will overtake Google and Facebook applications that had already been blocked.

Skype is also removed from other app store services that exist in China, even download via the site was not done.

If you see victims of Chinese government policies in the internet services available in the country, the local government does not allow applications or services that provide end-to-end encryption features or only senders and recipients who can read the message content.

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