Snapchat users can separate business and personal accounts

Evan Spiegel
Snap introduced its flagship app with a new design, aimed at promoting more private sharing among groups of friends, and pushing professional content into separate feeds. The newly designed snapchat comes with a new dynamic friend page, which combines chat messages and Stories, and places content from close friends at the top of the user feed.

The feature is available this weekend, in small testing groups and is expected to roll out more broadly in the coming weeks. The decision to bring this new design is called to develop a user base that is no longer experiencing growth.

The core idea of the new Snpachat is to place friends on one side of the app, and brand on the other. In the center there is a Snap camera, which will be the homescreen page of the app.

Meanwhile, on the left side of the application is now equipped with space for sharing and discussion, and on the right side there is room for search and consumption. The idea is known not as a new idea, because the left side of the app has long been a space for conversations with friends, and the right side as a space for brands.

But before, Stories had their own tabs on the right side of the camera screen. Tab Stories blend in with content from peers and brands, which is considered confusing to users.

Snap calls, the determination of friends and brands will be determined by looking at the account following a user account, which will be considered friends, and vice versa. Snap Executive hopes that re-organization of the app can drive more conversations between users and their close friends group, as well as attract more new users.