Super Mario Run has been downloaded 200 Million Times

Super Mario Run
Nintendo's first game, Super Mario Run, is very popular. However, popularity alone is not enough for Nintendo. In its latest financial report, Nintendo mentions that Super Mario Run has been downloaded 200 million times with 90 percent downloaders coming from outside Japan.

Even so, Nintendo said that despite the number of downloads of Super Mario Run Many, the game has not gained a satisfactory advantage.

But Nintendo did not provide detailed information on how many users are willing to spend $ 11 to be able to play the whole Super Mario Run. The price is quite expensive considered a weakness of the game.

In contrast, Fire Emblem Heroes using a free-to-play system with many in-game purchases proved more profitable for Nintendo.

The Japanese company did not give specific figures for the game, but they say that one of the reasons behind Heroes' success is because the game has been updated since it was launched in February.

"For this game, we listen to the voice of our customers and continue to provide updates," said Nintendo. "As a result, we can fulfill our plans to achieve our goals, including profit targets."

Nintendo also hopes to continue this success with the release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices next month.

Just like Heroes, the game will be a free-to-play game with in-game purchases that allow players to buy items and speed up certain parts of the game.

"Our goal is to offer a service that lets customers who are not even playing games altogether can play satisfied every day," Nintendo said of the new game.

Although Mario Run did not generate as much profit as Nintendo had hoped, the game was a success to introduce Nintendo in the mobile gaming market, a market previously not touched by the Japanese company. In addition, it seems that the game also has a positive impact on the sale of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

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