Taobao online store recently sold two Boeing 747 aircraft

Boeing 747
Some of the world's largest e-commerce platforms come from China. Through online stores usually people buy various objects. For example, clothing, electronic goods, food, to beauty products. Among the various products that exist in online stores, there may be one product that is not fair sold in the online store, namely airplanes.

But not so with what happened in China. Recently two Boeing 747 aircraft were auctioned at one of China's online stores. The online store that sells Boeing 747 type aircraft is Taobao. e-Commerce is known as one of the largest in the State Bamboo Curtain.

Taobao is owned and operated by Alibaba Group, one of the largest players in the world e-Commerce industry.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, SF Airlines purchased two Boeing 747 carriers in Taobao. SF Airlines bid both aircraft for a price of US $ 48 million or about
¥ 320 million.

In fact, apart from being an e-Commerce, Taobao also operates a court auction platform, where assets seized from all over China are sold through auctions.

Several types of assets being auctioned include industrial equipment, real estate, vehicles, and credit auctions from Chinese companies.

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