Tesla Acquisition Company Perbix Automation device maker

Tesla Model 3
Tesla announced it had purchased the Perbix, the company that makes automation devices for the factory. Perbix has been a of Tesla for 3 years. However, with this acquisition, Tesla can produce more components needed internally. Tesla explained the acquisition is part of plan to make machines that make engines.

The acquisition comes amid bad news that Tesla is finding it difficult to meet production targets. Last week, Tesla reportedly lost $ 619 million in the quarter. In addition, they claimed could not meet the target of producing 5 thousand Model 3 per week this year.

On Twitter, Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk said that the problem of production of this car due to a production bottleneck. According to rumors, the production bottleneck happens because there are parts on the Tesla car that must be made by human hands.

"With Model 3, we will be successful with the help of the machine or not, or the production will be stagnant and we will find it difficult to meet the demands of consumers," said Musk in the financial statements.

In the third quarter of this year, Tesla only managed to make 260 Model 3, while initially, they targeted to produce 1,500 units.

It is still unknown whether the acquisition of Perbix will help Tesla solve this problem. However, the acquisition of Perbix will help Tesla to automate its plant.

One year ago, the automaker bought a German company, Grohmann Engineering. From this acquisition, Tesla created a new division within a company called Tesla Advanced Automation Germany that will utilize the technician talents in the country.

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