Tesla has recently launched a power bank equipped with a USB port

Tesla Design Powerbank
Not long ago Tesla introduced Tesla Semi, her first electric truck. In addition, Tesla also introduced a new Roadster car. It turned out that the electric vehicle manufacturer also launched smartphone accessories even though they did not have time to introduce it on stage. Tesla launches a power bank equipped with a USB port, micro USB and lightning to charge the battery from your smartphone, whether based on Android or iOS.

This may sound paltry given Tesla has Gigafactory, which produces batteries including energy storage for a home called Powerwall.

Tesla's power bank uses a 18650 cell with a capacity of 3,350 mAh which is also used on the Model S and X electric cars. Of course the two cars use more than one cell.

Tesla's power bank is priced at US $ 45, more expensive than other types of power bank. It is unlikely that consumers will be interested in purchasing the power bank if it is made by Tesla. 

That's why Tesla makes sure the design looks like Tesla made products. Power bank is based on Supercharger designed by Tesla Design Studios. Tesla's power bank is sold out. On the official website of Tesla written that the power bank is no stock.