The Afghanistan government wants to block WhatsApp and Telegram

The government in Afghanistan sent letters to telecommunication service providers to block WhatsApp and Telegram services. It is unclear the reason behind the decision. On November 1st, telecommunication service regulator ATRA has sent a circular to telecommunication service providers to block the two services. They are given 20 days to complete the instruction.

Even so until now the application can still be used normally. This, of course, has come under fire from Afghan society for violating freedom of speech and norms as an open society.

In uploads on Facebook, Minister of Telecommunications, Shahzad Aryobee said, the steps taken are currently taken based on complaints and requests of the community.

Many have speculated that it is none other than because the National Security Agency found many encrypted messages used by terrorists. As a result, they prefer to close the service rather than breaking the encryption.

Telecommunications and internet services in Afghanistan came with the United States in that country in 2001, which made the country indirectly open to the outside world. The service is then also used by Taliban separatist groups and other terrorist groups.

Services like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber are among the most commonly used applications of the people and government of Afghanistan, as well as Taliban separatist groups.

It was even explained that a Taliban spokesman had handed over the contact number of his Viber app if it was true that the WhatsApp service was blocked.

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