The value of EA shares fell to $ 3 billion due to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2
The total value of EA shares is reportedly cut to US $ 3 billion since early November. The cause of the decline in the value of the stock is a case of loot box problems that have made the popularity of Star Wars Battlefront 2 down drastically and make EA netted a variety of problems including alleged existence of gambling activities behind the loot box system.
EA's share price fell by 8.5 percent since early November yesterday. Compared with rivals like Take-Two Interactive which rose 5 percent, and Activision's 0.7 percent rise, EA's condition is certainly not very good.

The value of EA shares was at its highest point for 2017 in October. After Battlefront 2 was released, its share value dropped dramatically.
The main problem here is not in Battlefront 2 game but in reaction to loot box. Gamers feel EA has forced them subtly to buy a loot box through a microtransaction system. This is because the system of achievement and character development in the game is very difficult to do without buying a loot box and get exclusive items. 
Loot box problems also spread to the alleged element of gambling activities in the game. The Belgian government has already declared the loot box system in Battlefront 2 and Overwatch as gambling activities while Britain has the opposite opinion.