The virtual reality theme park in China can be visited next month

East Valley of Science and Fantasy
China increasingly incentive to provide new attractions for tourists who want to visit the country. Most recently, the country of bamboo curtain prepares a playground that has never existed before. In contrast to most of China's tourist attractions are the terms of historical and philosophical meaning, this new tourist attraction comes with a more modern and futuristic theme.

The East Valley of Science and Fantasy is the first and largest virtual reality park in China. The amusement park located in China's Guiyang area is deliberately created to provide a real-life science fiction experience.

This playground will open in December. However, tickets to enter this playground can be booked online from now on.
East Valley of Science and Fantasy will fill the playground with VR recreation room, cinema, restaurant and children's area.

To be able to enjoy this playground visitors will be equipped with VR headset device while at the entrance of the park. The headset is then used by visitors to enjoy the available rides, such as space exploring, alien encounters, to riding a VR-themed roller coaster with space fighting.
Photos of the playground began to spread in Chinese media a few weeks ago. Overall the park looks impressive especially in the eyes of science fiction fans.

In the picture, looks a giant robot statue of a giant as high as 53 meters. On the other hand, it appears that some buildings are shaped like an Alien aircraft carrier.

The playground was founded by a large technology company in China, Oriental Times Media Corp's on an area of 129.4 hectares. The construction of the park cost ¥ 10 trillion.