Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp resigned from his company

David Karp
Tumblr CEO and Founder David Karp resigned. He created Tumblr more than 10 years ago when he was 20 years old. Through an official statement from Verizon's telecommunications subsidiary, Oath who oversees Tumblr.
"David Karp will be out of Oath by the end of the year," the official statement said.

"David founded Tumblr 10 years ago as a place for the creators of the world, and we thank him for his passion and commitment that drives the growth of the platform to nearly 380 million blogs and more than 155 billion posts."
Since 2013, Tumblr has become part of Yahoo after being acquired with a value of US $ 1.1 billion. With the acquisition, Karp and Tumblr will be under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, who was then CEO of Yahoo.

Four years later Yahoo was sold to Verizon. In June, Mayer resigned, making Karp an employee of Verizon and also Oath, a combined asset of AOL and Yahoo.
The number of reforms may be the reason why Karp decided to resign, although at this time, it is still not known exactly what the reason or what he will do in the future.

According to the official statement, Chief Operating Officer Jeff D'Onofrio will replace Karp. The Oath spokesman then confirmed this.

In a letter he sent to his colleague at Tumblr, Karp said that "this decision comes after a reflection of my personal ambition for months and does not diminish my expectation of Tumblr's future or the impact it can generate.
"The Internet has now arrived at the crossroads, and this team could have an important role in choosing which way the internet is developing," Karp wrote further.