Uber will Donate $ 5 Million to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Uber company
Uber's effort to improve the corporate culture now includes donating for a good cause. The application-based transport company has pledged that they will spend $ 5 million over 5 years for organizations that help prevent rape and domestic violence.
The first donation will be given to groups such as A Call to Men, National Network to End Domestic Violence and NO MORE, with a focus on addressing the lack of funding in organizations that support the rights of marginalized people.

This Uber decision could be considered a public relations move to improve its reputation. During this time, Uber has a reputation for a culture of sexism among his executives.
In addition, Uber also has problems with riders ranging from motorists who harass passengers to rape.

It is also a good time to show that Uber is fighting against sexual harassment given Harvey Weinstein scandal has prompted many to tell about the sexual abuse and rape they experienced.
Uber seems to want to show that they are aware of this problem. At the same time, it was Uber's attempt to improve the corporate culture, especially since Travis Kalanick, the CEO's founder, resigned.

Uber said they have taken some concrete steps to tackle sexism, harassment and rape, including awareness exercises for executives and representation of customer support.