User Nintendo Switch Very Likes Hybrid Mode Handheld

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch became the best innovation from the Japanese game console company because it offers several modes to play the device, ranging from consoles connected to TV or handheld ala smartphone. Recently in a financial report period of 6 months released by Nintendo, mentioned data about the mode of use Nintendo Switch devices are most favored by the players.

Most Nintendo Switch users love to play the device in handheld mode using the 6.2-inch screen available in the sales package.

This is evident from one of Nintendo's reports that illustrates the trend of using Nintendo Switch devices in Japan, the US and Europe markets. First mentioned that there are only about 18 percent of Nintendo Switch users who play the device by connecting to the television.

The second data says that there are 30 percent of users of these devices that play in handheld mode like the Nintendo 3DS device that once also popular with the concept of handheld devices.

Then the rest is dominated by players who use the Nintendo Switch both in the mode connected to the TV and handheld mode.

Interestingly none of the sources mention that Nintendo Switch users play the device in tabletop mode or according to the 6.2-inch screen it has to play with other players with a single screen.

This mode is certainly will be less popular, because the screen size is fairly small will be less comfortable or narrow alias if it must be played with a split screen screen display.

With the acquisition of such data at least this is a bright hint for the development of Nintendo gaming console business.

If the presence of Nintendo Switch with all its features was considered a battle of life and death of the Nintendo device industry, it now means the company has just won the bet.

Artificial gaming device design Nintendo is now proven favored by the gaming device industry market.

Nintendo could finally calmly pursue the Nintendo Switch sales target launched in March last year in order to achieve sales of 14 million units in March next year aka even one year of launch Nintendo Switch.

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