Ways To Restore Deleted Conversations in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Conversation
Being one of the most popular communications apps in the community causes conversations between personal or group stacked on your WhatsApp conversation list page. Looks annoying, sometimes removing the stack of conversations is not the option you want.

Because some of these conversations or messages contain information that you consider important. Unfortunately life can not be separated from the accident, one of them delete messages or conversations in WhatsApp. This is certainly a hassle especially if you approve of WhatsApp default backup settings at two o'clock in the morning.

Luckily, you can restore the deleted conversation before two o'clock in the morning with the following steps.
1. Remove the WhatsApp app from the device for a while, and then reinstall it.

2. A list with the same phone number you used as the previous WhatsApp account.

3. Then you will get information that the copy has been found.

4. Tap Restore to start the restore process.

5. Once completed, you will find all your messages on the conversation list page, including messages that have been deleted.

Please note this procedure can only return messages with the date and time before two o'clock in the morning, and erased after 2 am. This procedure can not return the most recent messages received after two o'clock in the morning on the same day.

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