White House staff will be banned from using personal phones

Mobile phone use ban for White House staff
The White House is considering banning its staff from using private cell phones. According to anonymous sources, this prohibition has been proposed as an attempt to prevent information leakage in the media. However, some staff are worried that this decision will make them unable to contact their families at all because before this, the White House has blocked sites like Gmail and Google Hangouts.

In addition, some staff are also worried that if they use a mobile phone provided by the government for personal use, the phone they receive will be stored and released to the public.

Mobile usage is a problem in the White House. In October, Politico reported that Chief of Staff John Kelly had used an unsafe personal phone, whose system was allegedly hacked since early December last year.

In addition, President Donald Trump also received criticism for using a personal smartphone that is considered unsafe and not a mobile phone provided by the government.

As well as discussing secret issues in public and letting people around them take photos with their phones.

Currently, restrictions on using private mobile phones have not been unveiled. If the rule is inaugurated it is still unknown when or to whom this rule applies.

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